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When you are facing a complex problem with your garage door, it is best to have a professional with training and expertise deal with it. Such is the case if the door opener, track, or springs need to be repaired or replaced. B-Z Overhead Door is a reputable company offering installation and repair services for homeowners and business owners in the Sacramento, CA area. Find out more about our services by reading the information below.

The Services You Can Schedule:

Garage Door Installation
The type and style of your garage door are influential. There is a wide range available on the market today. If you feel confused or hesitate between designs, give us a call. Our technicians possess the right skills and know-how to install different doors, such as sectional, overhead, roll-up, slide, counterweight, and other garage doors. Let us help make your property more beautiful and secure with a new durable alternative. 

Motor Replacement
Our competent technicians provide complete motor and opener work. That means that we conduct inspections, fix, replace, and upgrade garage door motors and opening mechanisms. If your system does not open and close as it should or closes halfway, our garage door repair specialists will give you a helping hand. Do not perform any DIY work, but call our qualified team for a quick resolution. 

Spring Replacement
Broken garage door springs are a significant issue that may cause severe injuries and catastrophic door and house damage if handled by an inexperienced person. To avoid paying out more money for costly repairs, turn to our skilled technicians for assistance. We will examine the condition of your door’s torsion or extension springs and determine the safest way to fix the malfunctions. 

Track Replacement

Track Replacement
We also work on the functionality of your garage door’s vertical tracks and track hardware. Although those tracks and rollers are super-strong galvanized steel, they can suffer malfunctions, as well. We use many different tools and equipment to fix distortion and breakdowns or completely replace the tracks and rollers. There are disparate track sizes and characteristics. 

Complete Garage Door Maintenance
Regardless of the type of door you have, periodic maintenance is a must. To keep everything operating smoothly for decades to come, you must contact our knowledgeable team to perform regular preventive care and maintenance. We travel with a vehicle full of various advanced tools to check and repair any faulty component of your garage door system. We will also tighten up loose hardware, lubricate the moving metal parts, and test the door balance. 

Overhead Garage Door Opener For Your Needs

A Myriad of Benefits

Our company is available for professional and affordable garage door opener repair and addressing any malfunctions. But we are not a conventional service provider. We offer our valued clients comprehensive maintenance programs at very bargain rates. Our technicians understand how different doors work and know about the most common signs of malfunction. To save a lot of time and unnecessary expenses, call us now.

Dependable Overhead Garage Door Installation

Safety and Quality

Whether you need an overhead garage door installation or only to replace the springs, our technicians will carefully check the condition of all components of your equipment. With every visit, we ensure that we address all problems and your system is in peak performance. Working with quality and safety in mind, we offer thorough maintenance plans at fair prices.

Affordable Garage Door Springs Replacement

To schedule our commendable services, turn to B-Z Overhead Door. Our company in Sacramento, CA will help you. If you are experiencing any problems, contact us now.


by Darian A. on B-Z Overhead Door
Excellent and Speedy Service!

The technicians always explain everything they are about to perform and why. This is an amazing garage door repair service that I will recommend to my neighbors. Prompt, accurate, and effective. Thank you!

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