Which Are the Most Common Problems with Garage Doors and How to Fix Them

Issues That Can Arise with any Garage Door

A garage door is a tough and sturdy mechanism. Usually, there are not that many issues, but when problems occur, you need to get them fixed as soon as possible. A door that cannot open will stop you from getting your car out and going to work in the morning. But one that does not close poses a threat to the security of your home. You can avoid such situations by taking good care of your garage doors. One of the ways to do that is to look for signs of potential issues.

The door is very noisy

There are several reasons why a door is making a loud and abnormal sound. One of them is dirty tracks. Since the trails for your door are always greasy, they easily attract debris and dirt. When the dirt built-up reaches a certain level, the rollers may begin making sounds. The solution to that problems is very simple. You should clean the tracks, apply grease or oil, and then test the system. If the door is still making noises, then the issue might be with the pulling mechanism. Think about hiring a professional to inspect your garage door for other potential issues.

The door stops midways

If your door is not opening or closing completely, then you may have to deal with broken springs. Springs are very hard and also dangerous to replace. It’s highly recommended to hire a company that specializes in garage doors and especially in spring replacement. If the springs are alright, then the second best guess is a defective sensor. They are typically installed on each side of the door. It’s not uncommon to touch them with your car or bump into them. If they present signs of damage, then you will probably have to replace them.

Whenever you have a problem with your garage door, make sure to hire a professional to handle it. B-Z Overhead Door is based in Sacramento, CA and offers high-quality services at reasonable rates to the members of the local community. You can give us a call at (916) 871-6740 to learn more about our services and rates.