What Is the History of the Garage Door?

Always Wanted to Know How Garage Doors Came About?

A garage is now used for more than just storing a vehicle, and the history of garage doors ranges from numerous innovations and adaptations that have given homeowners of today more options when choosing the right garage door. So let us take a quick journey through time to see the many twists and turns in the history of these doors.

The history of garage doors goes back to 3500 BC or maybe even earlier. That is when historians dated the first wheel. Since the moment we started to use wheels for transportation, civilization has been looking for places to store their vehicles.

City and town gatehouses used to act as vehicle storage spaces back in the day, and in the 18th & 19th centuries, carriage houses started to appear as storage. In areas such as colonial America, these houses were very rarely attached to homes, which meant owners needed to walk through the various elements to get to their carriages. Carriage house doors were hung from hinges and opened outwards, and to prevent sagging, the doors came with Z- and X-shaped designs which strengthened the doors and distributed their weight evenly.

By the end of the 1800s, cars started to appear and slowly replaced the horse and carriage. By the early 1900s, mostly due to Henry Ford, cars started to proliferate, and storage soon became an issue. Garages started to pop up, but very slowly. In fact, the word garage first appeared in the English dictionary in 1902, and what a derivative of the French term “garer,” that meant shelter or cover.

The earliest cars had to have shelter because they were open, meaning they had no roofs. Early cars were extremely expensive, so the owners did not want them to get wet when it rained or snowed. Because of this, car owners started to park them in barns or other pre-existing structures.

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