What Are Extension Garage Door Springs?

What Springs Most Overhead Garage Doors Have?

Extension garage door springs are tightly-coiled spring mechanisms that are used to operate overhead doors. These can be found on various different kinds of coiling doors, including residential garages, auto shops, and even warehouses. On a basic garage door application, the extension spring will be placed along the ceiling. This kind of operating system is an alternative to torsion springs, that is fitted into the space above a closed garage door.

Most overhead doors use tracks which run vertically from the floor to the top of the door opening, after which they will continue horizontally on the ceiling. With this standard application, installers will place a pair of extension springs on the ceiling in between each track. When the garage door closes, these springs will be fully extended, and at their maximum tension point. When the garage door opens, each spring will contract, and the tension will be reduced. These springs are also attached to the door using various pulleys and cables, that are used to operate the door either manually or by remote.

Garage door manufacturers will set the initial tension based on the size and the design of the garage door. By varying the size, length, and diameter of the wire size, manufacturers are able to match the extension spring to the garage door to make sure they last longer. Each end of the spring comes with either a hook or a clip which will allow the installer to easily fasten them to their associated components. These hooks can either be fixed or stationary depending on the garage door design.

Unfortunately, over time, extension springs do begin to either wear down or stretch out, which results in difficulty opening or closing garage doors. Due to the extreme tension contained within these springs, they must only be installed or repaired by experienced professionals. Novice installers will often sustain a severe injury while trying to work with these springs. So if you have garage door springs which are malfunctioning in the Sacramento, CA area, you need to call us at B-Z Overhead Door immediately at (916) 871-6740.