Tips for Testing and Maintaining Your Garage Door Springs

Want to Make Sure You Garage Door Spring as Safe to Use?

Garage doors are extremely heavy, and often use a balance of springs and chains in order to open and close properly. However, over time, garage door springs do become worn and fatigued. When your garage door is not balanced properly, the springs will wear down faster than when your door is level and balanced correctly. You should regularly test your garage door’s balance in order to see if your springs have shifted. The sooner you identify any issues with your garage door, the fewer repair costs you will have to pay out later.


In order to determine the balance of a garage door, you need to perform a balance test manually. The first step is disconnecting the opener from the door should you have one. Make sure your garage door is closed properly, as you will need the full weight of the door in order to perform an accurate test.

Stand in front of the door handle which is often centered on the inside of your door. Lift the handle so the door is halfway open. Once done let go. It is advisable you have someone standing on either end of the garage door just in case you all have to catch it should it start to fall. When your garage door is balanced and the springs are good, then the door should not move when you let it go.

When the spring tension is too heavy, then the garage door will often continue to open. However, when the springs are too loose or do not have sufficient tension, the door will just fall. Should either of these things occur, it means you must have your garage door springs maintained by a professional. If you suspect you have a problem with your garage door, then you need to call B-Z Overhead Door in Sacramento, CA today at (916) 871-6740.