The Risks You Face If Your Garage Door Isn’t Properly Maintained

What Happens With Poor Door Maintenance?

What do you do when you buy a new car or appliance? That’s right, you first read the manual to make sure your new possession will receive the best possible maintenance. Same goes for your garage door. Whether it was just installed, or you have an old door, it needs upkeep. What will happen if you neglect it?

  • Frequent failures; Did you know the main cause for garage door failures is poor maintenance or the lack of upkeep? Don’t assume that it will “tell you” when something is wrong because it could be too late then. Since it is the largest and heaviest moving item on your property, it deserves regular inspections. Spring failure is among the most common door failures.

  • Lots of money spent on repairs; This is a natural consequence of poor upkeep. If you don’t call a knowledgeable technician to check your door on a regular basis, you will pay for endless malfunctions, everything from it being difficult to close to loud noises and a remote control that no longer works. You can avoid this by scheduling regular inspections with a trained garage door technician.

  • It will be very noisy; Nobody likes noisy garage doors, this is an obvious sign of poor maintenance and negligence. Usually, it is easily fixed with good lubrication, but sometimes, the problem is more serious and needs professional intervention.

  • It won’t properly open and close; You may not be able to think of a worse risk for the safety and security of your home. If your garage door provides another entrance to the house, poor or no upkeep can lead to improper operation. So get the most out of your investment and turn to a certified technician for maintenance.

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