Sensible Reasons Why You Should Trust a Specialist to Replace Garage Door Springs

Do DIY Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacements or Call a Specialist?


DIYers love to handle home projects themselves. True, it’s exciting in its own way, but is it really the right choice? When it comes to applying plumbing putty or installing a new television, DIY procedures are practical and sensible. But when it comes to replacing garage door springs, working with a specialist is a better choice. Here are some reasons why:


For Your Safety


Considering that a garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and a torsion spring lifts that weight, the strength of a garage door spring is immense. A wrong move can lead to a spring whipping toward your body and hurting you. If you’ve replaced it, you might try to use the opener, but without the knowledge and expertise for the job, a garage door might fall over you or your vehicle. The risks of dealing with this yourself are huge. Don’t let your safety be jeopardized. Trust a specialist to replace these for you.


Have the Right Tools


No door spring replacement can be accomplished without having the right tools. Having the right tools means the opportunity for accurate measurement, correct installations, and additional safety. Any avid DIYer would be enticed to purchase these in a local hardware store. However, when you stack up these items, the price will be higher than what you might have in mind. On the other hand, a specialist arrives at your property, packing the right tools for the job. This makes their service a viable option.


Peace of Mind


A garage door is a huge investment. As a major component of your door, torsion springs can cause major damage if replaced improperly. In fact, there have been many cases wherein a garage door becomes ineffective due to garage door springs that were wrongly measured and balanced. Give yourself peace of mind that a torsion spring replacement is being done right and in the best way possible — work with a specialist.

A garage door torsion spring replacement isn’t a simple DIY project. If yours need to be replaced, work with professionals. At B-Z Overhead Door, we are known to be a reliable garage door contractor, able to cater the various needs of people in Sacramento, CA. With our help, we can safely and efficiently replace torsion springs for you. Reach us by calling (916) 871-6740 now.