Overhead Doors Prices

How Garage Doors Are Priced

When your overhead doors  have started to malfunction, you should consider installing either new ones or upgrade your old one. This is a smart investment move on your part. Due to the fact installing a new garage door gives you around 84% in resale value. Also, a new garage door does improve functionality, enhance the overall appearance of your home, and provides protection of your home’s entryway and the contents of your garage.

Because getting a garage door installed can be quite a long job, which often calls for some electrical work, heavy lifting and removing your old garage door, it will need a professional garage door service. Below are a few factors you need to consider as you invest in a new garage door. A garage door can cost anywhere from $200 to $4,000 depending on how many doors you want, obviously the better materials you have the more the price will go up.

Most homeowners say they spend around $1,075 for a garage door and installation. The total price should always include new tracks, adhesives, fasteners

, and connectors. It is often possible to save money on time and labor by installing the door yourself; but, due to the sheer weight of some doors, it is often not possible. However, if you think you would like to go down this route, make sure you speak to your garage door retailer first and choose a door you can work with safely.

Insulation, this not only increases energy efficiency, it can also help reduce utility bills, this is very important when a garage door is connected to the house. With these cases, doors that have higher R-values should be seriously considered. Which means it has insulation which is capable of retaining heat. The higher the R-value, the more insulation your garage has against exterior noises, and cold and hot air. To find out more about our overhead doors  and their prices, you need to call B-Z Overhead Door at Sacramento, CA today at (916) 871-6740.