Garage Doors Maintenance Tips

How to Keep Your Garage Door In Perfect Condition

There is a great variety of garage doors available on the market when it comes to their style, model, and pricing. But they all have something in common, they are complicated devices that need proper upkeep. Unfortunately, a majority of homeowners overlook the importance of regular maintenance resulting in costly repairs and replacements. What can you do about it?

  • Your overhead garage doors require the occasional squirt with a citrus-based solvent to all latches, hinges, tracks, and rollers. The technician you are working with will have to lubricate the bearing of the torsion spring openers, as well as treat the pulleys of the extension spring openers. If you see rust on them, they should be cleaned with a soft rag and some oil.
  • Your door’s moving parts should be kept clean and lubricated on a regular basis too. An experienced repairer will first check them over for debris and dust residues, and then wipe them with a microfiber cloth and some light oil. What you can do yourself is to wash your garage door from top to bottom every now and then to remove the accumulated dirt. You could use a garden hose for this purpose.
  • If the hinges or rollers get stuck, you could soak them in kerosene. You can use a normal paint brush and apply a plenty of oil over your door’s small cracks. You have to wait for a few minutes and use a wider brush to remove the built up rust from the inner cracks. Wipe up the cracks and apply a lubricant.
  • Inspect your door’s opener. Your opener requires maintenance as well. However, you should never try to deal with it yourself. That’s because garage doors and especially, the newest ones are very heavy. Do not risk injury, hire a legitimate service technician for the task.

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